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This past week I almost ruined our family vacation. This wasn’t anything I intended on doing. I went into the trip with an expectation and comparison to our previous one, earlier in the summer.

This comparison and expectation merely ruined our trip and almost cut it short.

The Teddy Roosevelt quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” has stuck in my head since the moment I heard it. How often do we compare ourselves to others (our bodies, our finances, our success, our beards). Especially in today’s world.

I had realization that comparison of any kind can deprive you of all sorts of joy. It doesn’t have to be comparison in the social sense.

It can be a comparison of experiences, that can deprive you of the joy you are currently in.

At the end our trip I came across a quote for The Office ( a show I never watched)

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before we actually left them”- Andy Bernard

This quote stuck with me as much as the Teddy R one.

When we can create space, respond vs react, and not compare.

When we can let the moments naturally come and go and be present for both.

 Then we are able to have perspective and awareness.

Then we are able to know that we are in the good old days.

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