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On today's podcast I am joined by Micah Saccomanno.  Micha is a father, a husband and the owner of Rise Above Floatation.  Floatation Therapy has become a tool that I have personally used to help organize my thoughts and managed my life.

Micah and I have teamed up for the 6 Week Stress Release Program. Which focuses on Six categories to help manage your stress(Meditation/Breathing,Hydration,Nutrition,Sleep,Relationships, and Wellness).  With awareness, accountability and discipline in these categories paired with the  Theta Brain Waves state you achieve in the Float Tank,  you are given the tools to help alleviate stress.

Micah and I spoke about:

-4d Reality

- Our go to doodles

- The number one thing holding people back.

- The Power and benefits of Floating

And much more.


Connect with Micah Here:

Instagram: @Micah_saccomanno




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