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Michael Holt is a guide in vitality and consciousness to some of the most elite performers in the world. His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, health and wellness, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers committed to excellence in all areas of their lives.

He resides in Venice, California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and group facilitation to meditation, martial arts and wellness study, writing, and shamanic training.

Michael has studied under the likes of Paul Chek, Whim Hoff, Shinzen Young and many others to achieve an unique balance of being a Savage and Saint.  

Michael is an all around badass and it was a pleasure getting the opportunity to chat with him.

Michael and I spoke about 

- How he came up with Savage and Saint.

- The importance of embracing both the Savage and the Saint.

- Men's Group work.

- Martial Arts and the importance of being humbled.

- Recognizing triggers for the former self.

and much more.


Connect with Michael Here:

Instagram: @savageandsaint




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