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Ed O’Reilly started in the recruiting industry at the young age of 21 years. Upon arriving at his first day of work, his boss handed him 2 tools, a telephone and a shoe box full of blank index cards. Through relentless determination and a keen insight into the needs of others Ed transposed those simple tools into a very strong client base.

On October 2, 2000 at the age of 26 Ed started CyberSearch Corp, a staffing firm. Three months after the grand opening of CyberSearch “the dot- com bust” hit and eleven months after CyberSearch opened we all experienced the unimaginable tragedy of 9-11.

Ed always says, “Down times in our economy can be a positive, since it forces us to become better at what we do and much more resourceful.” No better example bore witness to this belief than when he launched his second company

CyberSearch Temps Inc. in 2002.  Since the inception of the company in October of 2000, Cyber Search Global has become a global brand.
Understanding the challenges people have faced through the 2020 Global Pandemics, Ed realized how students and professionals are struggling to secure, maintain and advance I’m their careers, thus he opened Know Your Role.

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