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Anthony Di Pietro is a former butcher, vet tech and is now full time professional spoon carver.  Anthony grew up in Norwalk CT, after stumbling upon a youtube video on spoon carving, took up Spoon Carving as a hobby. Six years later he has shifted gears and has made it successful career. 

In 2016 Anthony started his company Woods Magic which focuses on wooden utensils with a main focus on spoons.  Anthony's pieces are all hand crafted with an Axe and a few carving knives.  Anthony works with Black Walnut, Birch, Mapel, Black Cherry and Applewood.  

Anthony and I discussed
- His process of making spoons and other utensils.
- His connection to the woods and nature.
- The history of spoon carving
- The unique ability trees have  to clean itself
- And much more.
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