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Recently I purchased a new board for the podcast, they highly coveted and rated RODEcaster Pro. My previous board served me for  10+ years,  I am super grateful for it and all the podcasts it recorded me. But it was time to not only upgrade but invest in myself.

I found the RODEcaster pro for a significant discount on Facebook market place. When I met with the seller and asked her why she was getting rid of it she said "I was gonna do a podcast but I realized that I won't make as much money as I thought". After some more conversation I found out she never recorded an episodes.

This got me thinking how often we cut ourselves short on something we want to try because of our own internal dialogue and the in impact of those around us

More importantly to ask ourselves 

Why DO we do things?
What is the motivation behind them?
How do the people around us play a role?(Both positively and negatively)
How does our internal narrative and dialogue convince us to do or not do things?



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