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Linzi Hawkin is the Co-Founder & Brand Strategist at Protect Blue. Her work lies at the intersection of sustainability & creativity, and she’s passionate about finding innovative ways to create impact. 
Linzi'z love for all things ocean & outdoors has not only defined the path she’s walked in life, but also the methodology she’s created for her work. Removing people from screens, boardrooms & aircon and plugging them into nature to spark curiosity and remind them why their work matters.
With a focus on the triple bottom line business model and trained in social impact analysis, design thinking & branding, Linzi is committed to working with purpose driven organisations and showing businesses how to become a force for good. 
From teaching kids to surf, to running eco music festivals and working for the government in environmental awareness - the first ten years of her career were dedicated to creating memorable experiences that connect communities to the importance of nature.
Linzi has designed award-winning environmental education curriculum with a focus on experiential nature based learning and is dedicated to reframing the language we use and the approach we take in catalysing pro-ecological behaviour.
Simply put - Keep it simple, keep it playful and make sure it means something. 
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