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Mike Bledsoe is a Journeyman, coach, a podcasters and the CEO of The Strong Coach.

Mike has taken his years of experience with Crossfit, Psychedelics, and his own personal story to develop The Strong Coach.  A  program that gives coaches the tools they need to become better listeners, better coaches and ultimately better versions of themselves.

Mike is looking to change the physical trainer/coaching industry by starting with the self and going deep within,  to discover what is holding back the trainers and coaches from becoming the best versions of themselves. Which will ultimately make them better trainer/ coaches.  Mikes and his team take active listening to a new level when working with their clients.

Mike has done the work on himself and has seen the results.

With Mike’s approach to  becoming a more mindful trainer/coach can not only change a person but he change an industry.

Mike and I spoke about:

- Life After Crossfit

- Tool to use to go inward

- The effects of Psychedelics

- The power of journaling

- How to reset once you have fallen off the path

- Our cultures relationship with food

- Religion and Government

And Much More....

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