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Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, aka “Dr. Microbiome”, has been one of worlds leading microbiome researchers for the  last 40 years.

Dr. Ghannoum also coined the term mycobiome, which the body’s fungal community.

Dr. Ghannoum has published over 400 papers and has been sited by is peers over 20,000 times.

He is author of the "Total Gut Balance", which provides its readers with a guide to hydrate their bodies and balance their gut biome.

Dr. Ghannoum and I discuss:

- The connections between fungi and bacteria in our gut, and why it’s so important for the two communities to work in harmony.

- The ways the gut communicates with the brain

-  Current research on autism and its potential connection microbiome

- He recommends a diet for good gut health

- The importance of Yoga and Meditation and how it contributes to a healthier microbiome.

and Much More....


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