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Matt Chong is the host of the Lucid Explorers YouTube/IG Channel.  On Matt’s channel he takes his viewers through his lucid dream experiences, tips to lucid dream, read exerts from a variety of dream books and much more.

Matt’s journey to lucid dreaming started when he was a teenager and has been growing and developing ever since.  Once Matt realized there was more in lucid dreams than “Fucking and Flying” he created a practice to help him dive deeper and gain more control of his dream.


Matt and I discussed:

What is lucid dreaming?

How can someone start lucid dreaming?

Things you can do in your everyday life to help lucid dream.

The interpretation of dreams.

Characters that appear in lucid dreams

And Much more….


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IG: @lucid_explorers

Twitter: @TheVBShow





IG: @TheVBShow



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