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This past week I took off from everything. Instagram, Facebook, Meditating, Breath Work, Journaling, etc.

Although I still did some of these things, I didn’t feel the pressure to do any of them.

I allowed myself to just be present, reflect and re align.

I realized how much I would use social media specifically to distract myself. It would take me out of moments, whether they be good, bad or ugly.

I also realized how I would get “phantom phone” where I would feel the urge to check Instagram or Facebook. And would have to literally say “oh yea I’m not doing that”.

This past week gave me some clarity on how I can better navigate life.

I also got waxed by 9 year olds in Call of Duty...

- Have you taken a social media fast?
- What did you learn from it?
- Why is Call of Duty so hard when you’re older?

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