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Matthew Nadu grew up just outside Philadelphia ,PA. He went from rooting for the local teams as a kid to reporting on them as an NBC sports guy. He covered the 2008 World Series (the Phillies won), an NFC Championship game (the Eagles lost), and a boatload of March Madness tourneys. but he’s not always on the sidelines of life.
Somewhere along the way, Matthew took a right turn into his faith and men’s work and discovered that, like him, most men are lonely—even when they’re sitting in a crowded stadium or sports bar.
Now he’s on a mission to build community among men of all shapes, sizes, and colors, whether they’re young or old, rich or poor, in cities, suburbs, or somewhere in between. Currently he's the community catalyst for Truth Tellers on a mission to bring men together, break the stereotypic male bullsh*t, and get real. Growing up, there was never a day he wasn’t playing stick ball in the front yard, riding ATVs, or fishing at his family’s cabin. He has lived on a sailboat in Los Angeles, spent a month in the Alaskan wilderness learning to mine for gold, he has been across the USA 5 times and travels the world creating adventure content. Connect with
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