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Cosmic Byron is a Father, a Veteran, a Journeyman, a student of Neurology, Psychology, Speech Pathology and the founder/creator of SHIFT Academy. 

Byron's journey didn’t begin in such a warm, welcoming, and loving environment, as many would expect a child to experience. Immediately after being born into this world adversity, abandonment and the adoption process quickly began. Of course, at such a young and impressionable age, Byron didn’t process it as a perspective that would forever shape his cognitive and emotional experiences. Byron spent the majority of his childhood in sunny South Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be exact.

Byron join the armed forces where traveling the world would provide the expansive thinking abilities. That he needed in order to begin the reshaping process of his schema. Absorbing cultural norms and alternative perspectives, unique to each destination.

Culture, psychology, and the way society cognitively functioned quickly my fascination. Byron dedicated a decade of his life to an insatiable passion in Neurobiology, Neuroscience fused with a concentration in Human Cognition and Behavior. Prior to his fascination with research, he obtained degrees in engineering and speech pathology but quickly realized that neither was the path for him. Thinking, writing, researching, and analyzing became his life’s impetus. Byron prides himself on remaining delightfully in-tune with his inner spirituality in order to empower himself and those he comes in contact with.

Encouragement toward living the most effervescent life and making happiness a priority! “A Dose of Self Love", "The Power of Adversity" and "I am She” have helped numerous individuals extinguish self-limiting beliefs and aspire to emotional heights never thought possible.


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