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Joe Horton is the host of Guild of Dads. It is a podcast wherein he talks about the different things resonating with Dads. He helps fathers to develop a vision in all areas of their lives. In his podcast, he interviews some of the most visionary men who have taken action towards creating the life they want. He also interviews experts relating to health, fitness, self-care, and relationships. The goal of his podcast is to help Dads also prioritize themselves. He helps them find the things that will make them happy and fill in the void in their lives.

Joe Horton is a father who wants to help other Dads in managing the different aspects of their lives such as family, health, and self. He wants to give light to issues that are not usually talked about when it comes to Dads.

In this episode, Joe Horton will be sharing with us the struggles facing Dads these days and the ways he helps them.


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Instagram: @guildofdads

Twitter: @guildofdads

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