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Ryan Michler is a protector, provider and presider, aka. a man. He is also the founder of “Order of Man”, which is a community and resource dedicated to the betterment of men. He aims to help men improve in every facet of their life, from self-mastery to family, from money to to contribution, and everywhere in between. In this conversation Vinny and Ryan dive deep into what it means to be a man, how to be successful in your pursuits, faith, and how to live a meaningful life. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE.


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • What it means to be connected with god and why religion shouldn’t be a chore

  • How men have the same problems but don’t talk about them

  • What makes a man a positive role model

  • How discipline in your pursuits will get you results

  • The struggles of modern men


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Mikey Brackett is a therapist and coach out of Denver specializing in trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, identity issues, and emotional intelligence. In this episode, Vinny and Mikey dive deep into the psyche and what it means to be human. Discussing everything from finding and integrating your identity, the failure of the SSRI experiment, how our society is plagued with mental illness, and many more mind expanding topics. 


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • The Pitfalls of Modern Mental Health Treatment

  • Issues with Prescription Drugs (SSRIs)  

  • The Balance of Masculinity and Femininity 

  • Finding Your Purpose in Life

  • The Origins of Psychology


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Anthony Vincent is the man behind the viral YouTube channel “Ten Second Songs”. After his first video covering Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” went instantly viral and accrued 10’s of millions of views, he got on the radar of industry heavyweights such as Linkin Park, Cory Taylor of Slipknot and Rolling Stone Magazine. Anthony lays out the biggest lessons he’s learned after going from 0 to a million subscribers in just 8 months and discusses the pressures that come along with such recognition. 


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • How Anthony got into streaming and YouTube
  • The evolution of podcasting
  • Artists being driven by a need for validation
  • Getting a million subscribers in 8 months
  • Mental health when dealing with fast fame


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