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Vinny welcomes a good friend, breathwork specialist, and “Survivor” contestant Danny Massa on to the show. The two go deep into the word of breath, specifically, the mechanics of breathing, best practices, how proper breathing can improve your life, what the process of becoming a Wim Hof certified instructor is like and the overall benefits of cold exposure. These practices could be the starting point into a brand new, healthy life. Learn how to train your mind to intelligently respond to external stimuli, rather than subconsciously react to it. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE!


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • The relationship between ambition and contentment

  • The benefits and effects of ice baths

  • How proper breathing can fix ADHD

  • The mechanics of breathing

  • The journey of becoming a certified Wim Hof instructor

  • Leading breathwork practices for fellow Survivor cast members


Connect with Danny Massa:

  • Website:

  • IG: @breatheinwithdanny

  • Facebook: @breatheinwithdanny

  • Twitter: @breatheinwithd

  • Youtube: @breatheinwithdanny


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