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In this episode, Vinny discusses one of the biggest trappings of the modern world - “adult” content. If you’ve ever struggled to stop consuming the content that gets in the way of connecting with your significant other, kills your motivation, and leaves you filled with shame, then this episode is for you. Expect to learn how to redirect your energy towards more productive pursuits, habit stack, and become more romantic with your partner.

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In this episode of the Vinny Brusco show podcast, join Vinny as he sits down with the esteemed Doctor John Delony, a two-time national bestselling author and renowned counselor with over two decades of experience. Dive into the insights of this seasoned expert as he shares his wisdom on navigating tough decisions, improving relationships, and finding worthiness in our lives. Tune in for an enriching discussion on self-help, human development, and practical strategies for thriving in today's ever so changing world.

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In this episode of the Vinny Brusco show, Vinny dives into the essence of four transformative mantras, each offering profound insights into navigating life's complexities with clarity and purpose. Drawing from ancient philosophy and beloved cinematic gems like "Step Brothers" and "Field of Dreams," explore the power of these mantras to unlock new possibilities and joy in everyday existence. Join Vinny as he guides listeners on a journey of self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and personal growth, inviting you to embrace these timeless principles and find your own path to fulfillment. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Believing in Boundless Potential
  • Rediscovering Everyday Magic 
  • Guided by the Golden Thread 
  • Manifesting Dreams “If you build it, they will come” 


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In this episode, Vinny Brusco sits down with AJ Chiarella, also known as the 914 Collective. AJ, shares insights into his roles as a teacher, musician, and entrepreneur, while discussing his project of discovering Westchester's favorite spots through the 914 Collective social media page.

Tune in to hear AJ's reflections on the local music scene, modern teaching methods, and the dynamics of social media algorithms, offering a rich exploration of life and culture in the Westchester area.

Topics of Discussion:
• The Pulse of Westchester's Music Scene
• Modern Teaching Methods in Today's Classroom
• Social Media Strategies and Algorithm Insights
• Local Favorites: Exploring Westchester's Hotspots

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Join Vinny Brusco on a profound journey as he revisits his purpose journal and delves into Andy Weir's compelling short story, "The Egg." In this thought-provoking episode, Vinny shares his key takeaways from the story and explores how its lessons resonate deeply with everyday life, offering listeners fresh insights into the complexities of existence. Tune in for a captivating exploration of life's paradoxes and the profound wisdom found within seemingly simple narratives.


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Join host Vinny as he sits down with Chris Rodack, entrepreneur, purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and founder of the Men of Fire program, to explore the intersection of discipline, fatherhood, and personal growth. From transitioning from teaching to entrepreneurship to guiding men towards their most disciplined selves, Chris shares insights on balancing family, fitness, and professional aspirations.

  • From Teacher to Entrepreneur: Chris Rodak's Journey
  • Fatherhood and Discipline: Navigating Parenthood 
  • Balancing Work and Family: Strategies for Success 
  • Prioritizing Health: Fitness Amidst Responsibilities 
  • Personal Growth Path: Lessons and Aspirations 

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In this episode, Vinny dives into the concept of ikigai, a Japanese philosophy meaning "a reason for living." Vinny shares his personal experience using the ikigai as a guide, and discusses the importance of aligning passion, vocation, and profession. This episode encourages listeners to pursue what they love and find fulfillment in their daily lives.

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In this episode, Vinny has a chat with Todd Cuccia, a head trader at a New York City hedge fund and devoted father of four. The conversation delves into Todd conquering 29029 Everesting, the delicate balance between fatherhood, discipline, and personal aspirations, offering insights into navigating life's ups and downs while striving for self-improvement.
- Meet Todd Cuccia: From Finance to Facing 29029 Everesting
- Fatherhood Dynamics: Balancing Coolness and Discipline
- Work-Life Balance: Juggling Professional Demands and Personal Goals
- Fitness and Health: Prioritizing Self-Care Amidst Responsibilities
- The Journey: Lessons Learned and Personal Growth
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In this episode, Vinny shares insights from a six-week therapeutic experience focused on healing the father wound. Drawing from Jungian psychology, the episode explores the concept of being energetically stuck in the past and making present decisions based on past interactions, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and revisiting pivotal moments in one's life for personal growth.

  • Unveiling the Depths: Navigating the Terrain of Shadow Work

  • Childhood's Energetic Imprint: Shaping Present Decisions and Behaviors

  • Yearning to be Heard: The Universal Desire for Recognition in Childhood

  • Life's Micro Blips: How Every Moment Shapes Your Identity

  • Confronting the Past: Revisiting and Healing Traumatic Moments

  • Transformative Tools: Journaling, Meditation, and Energetic Evolution for Self-Improvement

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In this episode, Vinny chats with Psychotherapist and Men's Mental Health Specialist, Phil Treiber. They deep dive into how society shapes masculinity in unhelpful ways, the trap of orienting your life towards “success,” and the power of vulnerability. If you’re a man looking to better understand yourself or a woman trying to better understand the men in her life, this episode is for you.


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • The unique essence of New York City and how it shapes individuals

  • The state of modern masculinity

  • How to embrace masculinity without becoming cold

  • The shallow nature of contemporary “success”

  • “Real” men vs. Good Men


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