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Tonight Dec 21st, is The Great Conjunction where Saturn and Jupiter align and get closer than they have in 800 years and create the Christmas Star.  

This is a great opportunity for our minds to become clear on what we want to bring into 2021. This alignment is also cosmic representation of our own personal journey and how we can step into the next and better version of ourselves.  Leaving 2020 behind and following the pin hole of light to guide us into 2021.

Also my break down of Queen's Gambit and Beth Harmon "Second Self" 

And of course The Mandalorian and its perfect season finally.

No Spoilers


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Episode #398 “Covid Test, Ep 398 and Box Day”

This past week has been a bit of a mental struggle.  From loosing the original Ep #398 "Waiting on fries w/ Jae, Justin and Anumn" to having a Covid "scare", I have been mentally drained.  One thing I took away from this week is to honor your feelings and not sugar coat them. 

We often go through life saying "I'm ok" or that "everything is ok", when we are frustrated, angry or down right depressed.  It is important to NOT only recognize those feelings but to move the energy and not allow it pool up in your body.

Getting back to basics and doing the things that worked in the past, Is a great way to get back on track and out of your own head space and way.

Taking one small step, turning the shower cold, reading one page of a book, stopping  and mindfully drinking your coffee.

These are everyday things we can do to ground ourselves and become more present in order to get out of a “funk”.

Also I really appreciate when its box day and my box garage has piled up to the point where it looks like a sidewalk in LA.

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Look forward to having the guys from @waitingonfriespodcast on again..

Honorable Mention:

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On today’s podcast

- What is the most watch YouTube video.
- Loosing my mind in traffic.
- What you can gain from moments of weakness.
-How perspective is key.
-How loosing your shit can be healthy

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Anthony Di Pietro is a former butcher, vet tech and is now full time professional spoon carver.  Anthony grew up in Norwalk CT, after stumbling upon a youtube video on spoon carving, took up Spoon Carving as a hobby. Six years later he has shifted gears and has made it successful career. 

In 2016 Anthony started his company Woods Magic which focuses on wooden utensils with a main focus on spoons.  Anthony's pieces are all hand crafted with an Axe and a few carving knives.  Anthony works with Black Walnut, Birch, Mapel, Black Cherry and Applewood.  

Anthony and I discussed
- His process of making spoons and other utensils.
- His connection to the woods and nature.
- The history of spoon carving
- The unique ability trees have  to clean itself
- And much more.
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Instagram: woods_magic
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