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In this episode, Vinny shares insights from a six-week therapeutic experience focused on healing the father wound. Drawing from Jungian psychology, the episode explores the concept of being energetically stuck in the past and making present decisions based on past interactions, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and revisiting pivotal moments in one's life for personal growth.

  • Unveiling the Depths: Navigating the Terrain of Shadow Work

  • Childhood's Energetic Imprint: Shaping Present Decisions and Behaviors

  • Yearning to be Heard: The Universal Desire for Recognition in Childhood

  • Life's Micro Blips: How Every Moment Shapes Your Identity

  • Confronting the Past: Revisiting and Healing Traumatic Moments

  • Transformative Tools: Journaling, Meditation, and Energetic Evolution for Self-Improvement

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In this episode, Vinny chats with Psychotherapist and Men's Mental Health Specialist, Phil Treiber. They deep dive into how society shapes masculinity in unhelpful ways, the trap of orienting your life towards “success,” and the power of vulnerability. If you’re a man looking to better understand yourself or a woman trying to better understand the men in her life, this episode is for you.


Today on The Vinny Brusco Show:

  • The unique essence of New York City and how it shapes individuals

  • The state of modern masculinity

  • How to embrace masculinity without becoming cold

  • The shallow nature of contemporary “success”

  • “Real” men vs. Good Men


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  • Instagram: @dudebreathecounseling

  • Website:


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