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Phil's yoga journey started on the floor of an armored military vehicle as he reeled from two soon-to-be-discovered broken vertebrae. As an active duty Soldier, He had never considered yoga an option until I began recovery from the worst injury of his life. After two weeks immobilized, Phil transitioned from a walker to a cane, and eventually ran again. He was rehabbed enough to attend Special Operations Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection, but still dealing with incredible physical pain and the loss of some close friends, his wife suggested yoga to assist with pain management. 

He took his first yoga class in 2016 and quickly became a studio regular. For the first time in his adult life, He had found a powerful tool to fight back against anxiety, depression, and physical pain.

When the Army brought Phil to Fort Bragg, he continued his practice and attended teacher training after the workday and on weekends. He taught his first class on a remote firebase in Syria and grew into his own as a yoga teacher among an international group of Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and civilian contractors during an intensive six-month deployment. Phil recently medically retired from the Army after spending a decade on the conventional and SOF sides of the house.

Phil is the co-founder of American Yogi, a company rooted in the goal of bringing healing to the veteran community and beyond.

In this episode, Phil and Vinny will discuss what brought him to the army, what made him sign up for service, some of his experiences overseas as a photographer, and what brought him to his current place as a CEO and co-founder of American Yogi.

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