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Rabbi Mordecai Finley is the rabbi and co-CEO of Ohr HaTorah Synagogue. He co-founded the synagogue with his wife Meirav Finley in 1993.

Rabbi Finley received his doctorate in Religion-Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. In addition to his work at Ohr HaTorah, he served as a Professor of Jewish Thought at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California Campus, where he taught Liturgy, Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality, and Professional Skills. He is the former president and former provost of the AJR. He is currently on hiatus from his teaching at the AJR/CA.

Rabbi Finley also has a small counseling practice, where he focuses on wisdom, virtue, and managing consciousness. He specializes is interpersonal relationships. As Rabbi Finley does not do traditional psychodynamic counseling, his clients are typically short-term and see results immediately if they work the teachings.

In this episode, Rabbi Finley will tell you about his one-of-a-kind story that leads his way to being what he is now and he’ll let you see a different way of how to look at life.

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